Def Ice

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This is my Homie and The other Ill-ass MC in Funkalistic.

                               Def Ice

He's a very talented rapper who is always writin' a rhyme, makin a beat , drinkin a beer or just bustin fat freestyle flows with me Bony Joe.

He's got ill style, He's got Dreads,

He'll offer you a smile while the Palm of Steel he shreds.

He can rock the keyboard like no other. When you hear a Def Ice beat you'll know,                                                                                          He's so fresh,

It's like he put a Ziploc on his Flow.

He's from Chi-Town.

He' Rocks the mic with no Remorse,

With Mc Bony Joe in Funkalistic,           

He's a lyrical force.




Still Be Ill



Def Ice's New Album is set to hit stores soon.

We will have MP3's you can down load here for free. So you can sample his Style.


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