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  This is what I like

DJ Z-TRIP This is a website about my man Z-Trip. He's one third of my favorite Turntable band BOMBSHELTER.
I've been listening to his mixtapes since '93. And he is always fresh. If ya wanna be like me and create your own website for free come here. It's alot of fun creating your own website.


A Dope Music Search Directory.

Roland Come here to check out the newest addition to Painkiller studios. The Roland MC909 Groovebox.

Other Cool Links
SWELL Clothing and Records I've been going here for about ten years. They are one of the pioneers of the AZ rave scenethe ones who started the Az rave scene.

DJ.NET To find party rockers in your area log on to I'm on here.

Dr. This Site represents a dope Record shop in Costa Mesa, California. This is where Simply Jeff is from and this is wher Ron D. Core is from too.

The Local Music Directory

A directory of musician and music business website links organized by category


Rap Search.Com This is an all Rap Search engine .For a Free online mixing console come here. The Paranormal Search Engine