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Yamaha DJXII(One of the phat ass Machines we rock) Owner: DJ Painkiller
Painkiller Studios is where all us Ill ass musicians meet and collaberate to form the Illest Beatz and Dopest Rhymes to ever come out of AZ.....Nah, forget that, THE WORLD

We got DJ Painkiller the owner of the Dopest Studio in all the 4 Planes.
We got MC DEF ICE The Mic devastator and Ear dominator,Rockin the Palm of Steel with a Cold-Cold Will
We got Me, MC Bony Joe,The Coldest Rapper and Sickest Turntablist ever to Dominate the Astral Plane with his Ill-Ill Will.
We got Sparkey The Most Universal Musician among us.He plays the Keyboard, He plays the Hand Drum,He Plays the Guitar, He plays the Silver Flute.... and that is just a few of the instruments this Amazing Techno Master plays.